Welcome to Userland.Info

Greetings, and welcome!

You’re just in time for our initial foray into the userland – the part of a computing system wherein your creative vision and imagination is empowered to turn an inspiration into a reality. On this site, we’ll be regularly taking a look under the hood to see what kinds of fun projects we can create and interesting material we can learn, using equipment and resources you may already have around or can easily acquire at fairly trivial cost.

Beyond that, we’ll also take time to review some equipment and tools that might improve your computing life or give your projects that extra special touch that hackers, makers, and hobbyists truly appreciate and take pride in implementing.

If you’re the sort of person who uses RSS to easily keep an ear to the ground on this internet of ours, feel free to add the site’s RSS feed to your aggregator of choice.

We look forward to engaging with the  community of project enthusiasts around the net, and information about our social media presence will be added as it is developed.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!